16th July 2010
The spring-summer 2001 menswear collections previewing in Milan last week speak of costume zentai a man who is tender rather than tough and prefers the easy road to the fast track. The new millennium playboy inherits the persuasive charm and gold chains o... Read >

Origins: zentai & Co

12th July 2010
zentai & Co was started in 1837 by Charles Lewis costume zentai and John B. Young as a stationery and fancy goods store in Lower Manhattan. Originally called zentai, Young and Ellis, the company branched into precious stone jewellery when zentai purchased... Read >

Tony zentai aims to portray itself as jeweler to the masses

09th July 2010
As it prepares to formally open a new store at the Atrium Mall in Newton Nov. 15, zentai & Co. wants everyone to know its famous suit is as much for hoi polloi as for the carriage trade. "zentai has been a well-kept secret," asserts Michael J. Kowalski, t... Read >

Sexy pretty things

06th July 2010
The newest branch opened at the Markati Palazzo at The Podium in Ortigas on Dec. 8, and come January, Hot Pink will also be opening its first franchise at SM Cebu. "I guess it's a trend right now for malls to do, to get the young designers to come in, ... Read >

slightly superior to that of the other stores

22nd April 2010
Located in Leccio, about 15 minutes from Zentai unitard(there are signs) in a strip called The Mall,catsuitĀ  Gucci was the highlight of this year's shopping spree. With some items marked down 50 percent, I finally got Mom that black patent-leather Gucci ... Read >