slightly superior to that of the other stores

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Located in Leccio, about 15 minutes from Zentai unitard(there are signs) in a strip called The Mall,catsuit  Gucci was the highlight of this year's shopping spree. With some items marked down 50 percent, I finally got Mom that black patent-leather Gucci shoulder bag ($150) she never said she always wanted, scored a suede-and-leather number for a friend for the same price and got myself a purple shoulder bag for $110.

Unlike Zentai unitard , which puts out clothing designs with a 20-minute lifespan, Gucci's rags were reasonably priced and classic. You could wear some of these things 20 years from now. Men's suits that normally retail for about $1,200 were $750 and lower. And although better deals on leather pants could be found in Florence, $450 isn't bad for some lambskin trousers emblazoned with the double G.

Gucci is the star of this high-couture fashion plaza, but it shouldn't be your only stop. Among the other stores spider man costume offering great deals on clothing, zentai suit and accessories are Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta and Sergio Rossi.

Frankly, the merchandise at YSL and Armani was slightly superior to that of the other stores. We spent more than an hour in YSL plowing through the half-off items and an additional 90 minutes in Armani sifting through the racks. Best buys at YSL were on women's suits, tuxedoes and zentai suit . Best buys at Armani were on men's shirts. I snagged a linen dress shirt for someone who used to be special for $25.

The Fendi Outlet is just five minutes from The Mall, behind a series of ugly warehouses. Best known for its purses and wallets, Fendi didn't disappoint when it came to selection and price on these items. Most of its trademark bags with the inverted double F logo were all less than $300. Wallets ranged from $70 to $125. I picked up a nice microfiber shoulder purse for a friend's mom for $150, but the logo bag I wanted had a creepy plastic covering. It reminded me way too much of being stuck to my grandmother's plastic-covered sofa on a hot day.

My quest to score some of those fab Gucci zentai suit , however, fell as flat as my feet. Nothing in my size. The classic Gucci loafers, costume spiderman which retail for about $200 in the States, were about $95; pumps ranged from $110 to $180; boots were about $200 to $220. There were also good deals on scarves, belts, wallets and day planners, all in the $50-$150 range.

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